Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Political Discourse ; Sine din

13th Feb marked last day of 16th Loksabha, with its suspension a cycle would get complete that had begun on May;14.

Democracy is full of uncertainties and what takes it forward is the ideas, principles and most importantly will of the people. As said by Late Ex PM Mr. AB Vajpayee, 'Leaders Governments Parties doesn't matter as much as the country - the people.' And we have seen enough of Majority and Coalition Government, On several parameters and hard facts they were pretty much same. Except, Of course for the fact of our personal ideological affinity.

The 16th loksabha has been quiet an eventful. It saw number of bills getting passed with or without discussion or scrutiny. Firey Discussions and Accusations from both right and left sides of speaker seat. Saw several precession and conventions broken or newly built. Say for the matter of perception of being first timers in 70 Years. And Leadership being boasting it to their political advantage which is fairly enough in decisive political world of today. Unless and untill it doesnt weaken the very fundamental ideas of parliamentary democracy.

Here you must give it to the ruling side, must say they learnt it quickly what is being called congress style functioning of parliament. Which they had been opposing all throughout.

But What's most worrisome is frequent disruptions that occurs in and around every session of parliament houses. In an diverse multi party system like ours, raising voice of every section and corner is important but must be done in a legit way. For political classes Adjourmnets become  either roadblocks or privilege according to your role in parliament. The absence of dialogue between treasury benches and opposition shambles the August house. And We are yet to overcome this.

An absolute majority in Parliament can be used for resolving public issues in a highly complex democratic set up. But it requires a soft touch and adherence to the principles of accommodation. We saw it while passage of GST and recently in case of 10 Percent reservation for NonReserved classes.
To sumup, the period saw more political activisim and participation amongst people. The number of political observants has risen up and hope it continues so futher on irrespective of what happens in May19. Though it was more of on terms of qantitative growth while qualitative thing can be aruguable.

But The credit for this must be given to active cadre and leadership of BJP ultimately Hon. Prime Minister of India Mr Modi.

And Now here we stand, with 20 days for Model code of Conduct to be imposed. And Loksabha adjourned sine din. The political slugfest will soon begin and we could probably witness most ugliest battle of exchange of words between sides. Worse would be the battle fought on social media. Thought his shouldnt be happening but as of now its not into my personal capacity.
So its time for loose hearted observants like me to abide goodbye to this Biggest Festival Of Largest Democracy. Before its too late and political discourse is adjourned sine din.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Internship Diaries

Internship – It is a part of study which deals with practical learning by being on the field. There you learn from people by interviewing them, by assisting them in some work, from your observations-analysis-conclusions. Today practical knowledge has become an important part of learning. By being curious about knowing and learning the new things makes you an successful Intern. Deepstambh – National Institute of leadership Development gave us an opportunity of Administrative Internship with Different officers – In different departments at different places.

I and my batchmate went to Mr. Rajesh Patil (IAS) DM of Mayurbhanj, Odessa. Our internship was of 2 days – 17 and 18 December. Starting from the place, as we know Odessa is backward state in terms of economic growth and development. The district mayurbhanj, which we visited during these two days was a similar kind place too. With 65% tribal population and 30% forest area Mayurbhanj is largest the district of state. We found the place known for its cultural aspects and tourism. During our travel to Odessa via train and bus we found the people very kind and cooperative from small incidents, though it had been way difficult for us to communicate with them due to linguistic differences.

On very first day of internship we meet Mr. Rajesh Patil sir at his residential office. His very first action or u may say the way of walking reflected the alertness. Later our whole two day schedule was finalized by DM sir. And we were all set to acquire new experience of administration.    The major difference in administration there we found is that, District Magistrate is the sole responsible and authority to deal with Revenue as well as Development Sectors i.e. Education Health Infra and Employment etc. The DM itself was the chairperson of every Project office and Development Agencies. The district administration itself is very efficient and smoothly running system. But we noted major development and positive approach towards Education – Tribal development – Youth employment.

The “Mu Bhi Padhibi” (I will read too) – An initiative by District Magistrate sir to enroll every child in schools. With these consistent efforts from 3 years they have now managed to make the district – India’s First ever District to be “No out of school student”. The district administration has performed extremely well In sectors of MGNREGA And IAY schemes. We came to know that DM sir have been awarded at national and state level for the extraordinary work for Rehabilitation of Disable People and Developing Eco Tourist Spots.

We saw the actual working of Rapid Monitoring System and Grievance portal these are again unique systems for efficient work. Totally run by district administration because at those remote places the monitoring is way difficult due to absence of online systems at ground level. From all these problems and their solution, I learnt that at every place you are going to face different problems in life but you have to find your own solution to overcome them. Again the study of the system is going to help me in exams for forming own views and opinions. These internship able us to start our thinking on particular things and analyzing situations. It develops communication skills and manners while dealing with every senior person around. Secondarily Motivation and Knowledge are the benefits always there behind any of such activities.

Talking about the officer – Mr. Rajesh Patil Sir we found him really Calm but Workaholic. After talking with his team and family we found everyone matching to the same level of nature alike him. His juniors and team specially mentioned that “Sir Never let the blame be put on his team and Every time very affectionately enquires about their life and families. When we talked with common public we found very high respect for DM sir. They still consider The district head as A King. Their words suggested “they don’t want DM sahib to be transferred to other district in near future”.

My whole experience was really astonishing and way great than expected. Though for few moments I was more concern about Materialistic things, Later realized Moral qualities and inspiration are the only things which would help me in future. Again the Team work – Efficient Coordination are the qualities I have learnt from this tour and is going to implement in my life and studies. I would like to thank all of them knowns and Unknowns who helped me in this Journey.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

December Diaries #3

13th December
And That's how I understood Supervising the exam is most Boring thing...
Sitting Idle Watching dumb faces of students...

But else than this its really great experience equally shocking being at ground level observing the situation of education system of our country...
We need to do a lot guys once we are there on the chair of administration.
@Aherwadi (Raver)... a small village on Mah-MP border. For deepstambh abhiyan exam.

December Diaries #2

December 2nd
D Day...It started with a peaceful morning... walked in with A silly irritating weird but learning experience. Ended with a sigh of relief and satisfaction of being on the side on truth...
Apart from this am happy to see my Dream team going out for "Administrative Internship with most Efficient officers of our country" in different parts of India.
Our MH...Bihar... MP... GJ... Chhattisgarh...Orissa...

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

December Diaries #1

For me this December...
#A month full of challenges and adventures and motivation
#Lots of enthusiastic activities and event waiting
#Some great bhets
#Hard work... Exotic Schedule... Tough Tests... Sticking to plan...
# Reinventing Refreshing Myself...
#Some Hatke Writing Proposed... Video Blogging.. Discussions...
#May be some mature relations to bloom and support from my dream team...
#An awesome attempt to end one of the most satisfied year of ma life in bang style.
#Welcome December...

Saturday, October 24, 2015

बीइंग सामान्य माणुस...

कट्टरवादी (अंध) व पुरोगामी (दांभिक) यांना एक आवाहन... (फकस्त सो कॉल्ड)
तुम्ही हा जो नवनविन वाद प्रत्येक दिवसामागे उकरून काढताय..
त्यामुळे कोणत्याही सामान्य माणसाचे काहीही भलं होणार नाहीए.. लोकांच्या दरोजच्या अडीअडचणी - समस्या फार वेगळ्या आहेत..
त्यावर कोणी बोलणार असेल त्यासाठी काही काम करणार असाल तर ठीक आहे पण..
कोणत्याही धर्मजनजागृति सभा घेवून व एक आकस बाळगुन विरोधाला विरोध केल्याने काही एक सकारात्मक फरक आमच्या जीवनात होईल असे वाटत नाही..
यातील काही एक करणं आपल्याकडून शक्य नसल्यास कृपया शांत राहून देशातील वातावरण दूषित होणार नाही याची काळजी तरी नक्की घ्या..
--- एक आम आदमी (नको एक सामान्य माणूसच ठीक आहे.) उगाच लोकांच्या पोटात दुखेल..

Friday, October 9, 2015

Politics is always a hope...

While at the moment when the Indian politics is revolving around Bihar and UP. The allegations and negative politics is at peak point. The National media is flooded with all those religious and caste based opinionpolls. Although last time in the case of delhi the results were totally opposite that off predicted but its sometimes interesting to see all those stuffs for entertainment.

But thats not my topic to deal with.
The thing is,Today I have heard about a positive political move of NCT-Delhi Government which is lead by Mr. Kejriwal.
He has sacked a minister of his own government on note of a complaint and audioclip of corruption allegation against that minister. Further the investigation agencies will find the truth but for now all the mouths have already been shut before they realise what to speak.

While At party level, quick reaction by mr.kejriwal on this issue has saved his party from controversies and protests. Again he is successful in proving his definite stand of "Being Against corruption" infront of people.
Afterall AAP is famous for all its unique controversies which surrounds them every now and then.

At broader level It can be seen as an ideal move. This is definitely a firm step to curtail corruption from politics. Again it ensures credibility of a politician for the common public. Such things should become trend in order to bring large changes in the system.
For me the most important thing is, such moves in future at central level can help to run our parliament smoothly. Because the major reasons behind all the lock-jams in parliament are always -allegations against ministers. Such step will increase the efficiency of our parliament and people's trust on the government.
Afterall with proper information and internal investigation you can easily identify whether the allegations are silly or sensible or suspicious.